mercoledì 26 maggio 2021


Happy New Week my dear Wicked Stitchers. Last but not least, this is my fav new pattern... I love it because it gives me a good feeling, the idea of being underwater, in a magical realm... far away from the stressing historical moment we are living. My dear Elisabetta B. stitched this pattern on Ancient Stones fabric, on 30 ct. Available here: CLIIIIK 
BEAD PACK available on request sending me a message on Messenger ( Isobel Argante )

                                                       On my ETSY - Clik Here

giovedì 20 maggio 2021

WHAT A DISASTER (or maybe not)

WHAT A DISASTER.... or maybe not!!!! Well girls yesterday I was painting a Tudor shield (see pic) and I accidentally knocked over the gold bottle on the linen my helper Mascia was cutting (we share a not enough huge table)...
I looked at the linen and had an epiphany! We need gold!!!!! Useless to say that a new linen is born and will be available soon.... I'm leaving in few days, but when I'll come back I'll present it! These cuts on pictures ARE made on purpose... the piece ruined with the color has a huge stain on it... Every cloud has a silver lining (or I'd say a gold lining)....

domenica 16 maggio 2021


Hello my dear wicked stitchers! I wanted to chart this design for such a long time... It was in my mind since ever!!! And finally she's here! I particularly love her bra LOL !!! It's a cutie!


She has been stitched by Elisabetta B. on my new fabric Ancient Stones, I hope the pictures can show you the shades of this fabric, because they are amazing...

(available in 30 and 40 ct)

venerdì 14 maggio 2021


A cutie!!!! I love this banner! And if you want you can finish is as pillows. A special thanks goes to Elisabetta B., my model stitcher and Paola Endrizzi, my finisher. If you want, with an email ( CLIK to email me ), you can order also the fabric to finish the project. Just message me. 

giovedì 13 maggio 2021


Hello wicked hare! The Summer Collection is finally ready!!! I know I'm not late but I have my schedule and I'm always late on it LOL. So, this year, for the moment, I dedicated my collection to mermaids, ocean and the 4th of July! I also designed a particular pattern.... let's start today with this one, and then, during next days, I'll show you the rest: 


THE STORY BEHIND THE PATTERN: When Peter Stuyvesant arrived in what would become New York City more than 300 years ago, he brought something special with him—a pear tree sapling from Holland. The sapling and Peter Stuyvesant both flourished in their new home, and as the tree grew tall and mighty, he built a career as the last director-general of New Amsterdam. Under British control, this land was renamed New York, and the tree continued to flourish on the corner of East 13th Street and 3rd Avenue in the East Village. Two hundred years after the pear’s tree journey to America, it was struck and killed in a carriage accident. While the tree is no longer standing, a plaque remains to tell its story. The memory of the pear tree endures, and if you make a visit to the New York Historical Society, you can still see a preserved section of the trunk. 


lunedì 5 aprile 2021


Hello, it's time to gather my friends! This is my TUDOR CLASS. Class will be on Saturday May 15th at noon (east cost - Boston time). You'll receive the kit by the third week of April. The kit includes everything but not the threads (DMC - Gentle Art and Kreinik Gold). Class costs 45 $ and includes the kit and 40 minutes class on zoom on Saturday 15th (May). I'll be available for extra time in other days, depending on your needs. 
If you want to join the Class please send me a message on FB (my account Isobel Argante) writing your email address and I'll send you a Paypal request. Or you can also send me an email at

martedì 9 febbraio 2021


Hello Wicked Hares!!! I'm happy to present you my Calendar. This is a project I hope to present every year: a wall hanging calendar, with 12 new patterns, professionally printe.
The calendar includes alternative spelling for the months names, pictures of the patterns, 12 graphs, color keys for each pattern and real calendar pages to write on. 
You can order to your LNS (they already have pictures and prices), or, if you don't have a LNS to me, on my Etsy: CLIK HERE

Stitched on: Old Salem linen 30 ct The Snowfall 30 ct - Boleyn linen 30 ct - Royal bee 30 ct 
Thanks again, I hope to hear from you soon 

Stitched by Elisabetta B. Finished by Paola Endrizzi. Thanks girls!!!!

venerdì 15 gennaio 2021


My dear Wicked Hares, the mystery is finally revealed! Let me show you my Golden Hare, the exclusive pattern designed for my 10th Anniversary.
The special box include the pattern, the thread keep, the fob, the fabric and a little gift (surprise).
The Anniversary box costs 80 $ plus shipping, I have few few left. If you want to order it send me a message on Facebook ( Isobel Argante ), including your email ( I'll send you a Paypal request. This item will not be listed on Etsy and it's not available for shops because quantities are too limited. A very special THANK YOUUUU to my model stitcher and friend Elisabetta B.

Thanks again for supporting my business since 2010 

giovedì 10 dicembre 2020


Hi little hares! This is the last pattern of this season and it is not winter or Christmas themed... it's an historical one: HARRIET TUBMAN. This pattern has its roots in two stories: the Life of a Slave Girls by Harriet A. Jacobs and the real life of Harriet Tubman. Both these women escaped slavery in the 19th century and became unique examples of freedom and pride. I love these 2 women so much! Harriet Tubman helped so many people to reach freedom, she had such a faith, such an intelligence, such a humanity... Amazing woman. And I strongly suggest you to read also Harriet Jacobs book, it's absolutely a must read if you love history ❤ Stitched on Old Salem linen 30 ct. The small one on 40 ct Olde New England linen by The Primitive Hare. SPECIAL THANKS TO MY MODEL STITCHER ELISABETTA.


martedì 8 dicembre 2020

EARLY STITCHER'S CLUB 2020: Winter Berries

Hello my dear girls! This is the last project of this 2020 Club. I created a sphere with a double faced embroidery and some snow! Perfect for your tree! The pattern includes 2 different graphs and the alphabet to personalise it. THE COMPLETE KIT IS AVAILABLE. Obviously only if you are a member of the Club.
If you want to subscribe the Club now you'll get all the 5 patterns of the Club and your starter kit :) You may subscribe here: CLIKKKKK
Special thanks to my model stitcher Elisabetta B. and my finisher Paola E. 

You can subscribe 2020 EARLY STITCHERS CLUB at this link:

You will have the chance to learn skills, new techniques, old tricks .... get patterns, materials.... become a family.... be part of something cozy and lovely. I want to create a club/family of adventurous stitchers! In the name of stitching! 

For this year the CLUB will give you:
- membership card (will be shipped in March)
- 5 new designs (medium size, big size, ornament size)
- special discount of 20 % on your next order (only if placed by email and not on Etsy, specifying the order number of your Etsy order for the annual membership of the club)
- 1 sample of one of the linen by the Primitive Hare (will be shipped in March with the card, it might be a printed linen, Old Salem or a sample from the Rainbow Collection) 
- 1 special hand dyed thread to stitch our logo - pattern (will be shipped in March with the card)
- the EXTRA pattern that depict our annual membership (will be sent immediately via Etsy message asa you subscribe the Club)


Each design is based on the idea of "prim - witchy - early and victorian". Every pattern will include a full coloured cover, the chart, and some suggestions in order to learn new stitches, new techniques.... tricks, finishings...
For every design will be available a LIMITED quantity of kits. Kits have to be purchased SEPARATELY.

FABRIC USED: Old Salem Linen 30 ct , Boleyn linen 30 ct: and maybe something else...

lunedì 7 dicembre 2020


Hello little wicked hares, this is my traditional/annual Christmas Thread Keeper: Noel.  I think it's adorable!!! Isn't it? You can buy it by your LNS or on my Etsy, or emailing me.


venerdì 4 dicembre 2020


BOREALIS FOX: This pattern's origins can be found in my last January trip to Lapland. When I visited Lapland I learnt a lot of legends about Aurora Borealis. One of them talks about Revontulet – the Finnish word for the Northern Lights – translates as “fox fires”. The firefox – tulikettu – is a mythical and elusive creature. As it runs along the fells, the fox’s flaming tail whips crystals of snow into the sky and the fur scratches the trees, setting the skies on fire. 

It has been very difficult to design the Aurora... the colours have been a nightmare LOL.. I lit an aurora candles bought in Rovaniemi... can you spot the blue(green flame? It's magical!!!! And this pattern has been patiently stitched by Elisabetta B. on Tempest 30 ct linen.


giovedì 3 dicembre 2020


Hello my dear Wicked Hares. I'm sooo late with these patterns, but, less than one, they are winter/historical patterns.... Let's start to introduce the most 'Christmas one'. 
It's my ARCTIC ORNAMENTS. It has been inspired by my trip to Santa's Village, in Rovaniemi, Finland, during last January. The Village is on the Arctic Circle. It was so strange to be there... Fantastic!!! And the village is full of elves and reindeers ❤ Cuteness at its best. 
The pattern can be stitched whole or in 3 ornaments. On Old Salem Linen 30 ct. Many thanks to my model stitcher Elisabetta B. and to my finisher Paola E.


giovedì 19 novembre 2020


CHRISTMAS CLASS 2020 by The Primitive Hare
Hello, it's time to gather my friends! This is my Christmas 2020 Class. Class will be on Saturday December 19th at noon (east cost - Boston time). You'll receive the kit by the first week of December. The kit includes everything but not the threads (DMC and Kreinik Gold). Class costs 55 $ and includes the kit and 40 minutes class on zoom on Saturday 19th (December). I'll be available for extra time in other days, depending on your needs. If you want to join the Class please send me at  and I'll send you a Paypal request. Thanks!!!

lunedì 2 novembre 2020


Halloween was only a couple of days ago, but time flies and I come that Christmas will be here in a second. This is my first Christmas pattern, but more have to come, and soon! Stay tuned!!!