giovedì 19 giugno 2014


Hello my dear girles, how is your summer? Mine is soooo cold, can you believe I have to heat???? Brrrrrr.... anyway the 'lovely' temperatures force me to stay at home and I spend my time designing. 

I'm really overwhelmed. The Halloween Mystery SAL had a huge success and I'm really late with the fabric orders... plus I still have to present a lot of things: my patriotic patterns, the Country Salmpler pattern, a new freebie and tons and tons of fobs, pendants, bookmarks, needlebooks... I must post daily to do everything! Please forgive my delays....
Let me start with my patriotic patterns... I designed the 5th queen of the needles, an 'americana' version to celebrate july th... Do you love her? I love her soo much! 

on my Etsy
or sending me an email:
stitched on 30 ct Old Salem Linen
with DMC and Gentle Art threads

thanks to my sweet Miss Betty

Second pattern... A lil and super fast pattern to commemorate an important victory for humanity: freedom from slavery. An historical and primitive pattern I particularly love... maybe one of the most prim pattern I've ever designed...
Super special thanks to Miss Betty because she stitched this one in an evening and she also finished it and took pictures... Thanks sweetheart, luv uuuu

on my Etsy
or sending me an email:
stitched on Old Salem Linen 30 ct
with DMC threads


* I received few emails about the contest. The contest is finished and I posted winners and pics on my FB group, so please check there, thanks :)

** Country Sampler finishings: I received few requests about finishing instructions for the pattern designed in exclusive for The Prim Club of Country Sampler. I'm not good enough to write finishing instructions, but I hope you'll find this note helpfull, I'll post pictures of the pattern in few days:
Stitch the pattern according to the graph using 2 threads of floss.
Then sew an additional piece of fabric on the top the stitched piece, in order to can fold it in two (we'll call this piece A)
Cut another piece of fabric as long as piece A (we'll call this piece B). Put right side A with right side B together and sew leaving a small opened piece in order to turn fabric.
Turn inside out and sew the opened piece with slip stitch. Press and fold it. Now you can add a small pocket sewing a piece of fabric using slip stitch.

5 commenti:

Lili ha detto...

Both are lovely!!
But I prefer "Freedom", she is so lovely, love the colours that you used!!


LaNelle ha detto...

Lovely are one busy lady, everything is always amazing thanks for your hard work....stay warm!

Sam I Am...... ha detto...

I love both but Freedom is my favorite. Are you in Italy? I want to go where it is is too hot here! LOL!
Is there a SAL for Halloween? What's coming up next? I'm always missing out on fault totally!
Your designs are so American and your fairy tale and halloween ones are magnificent. If I don't purchase please don't feel insulted....if I had the money I would buy all of it!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch ha detto...

Beautiful Isabella ~ I love them both I'll have to drop by your etsy and see what you all have. I excited to see what your bookmarks are ~ I've been looking for some to stitch up!!!
Happy Stitchin'
Prim Blessings

cucki ha detto...

wow both are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee.
but i truly loved the freedom girl..she is so cute and so much me :)
a real african sweetie pie...
i will surly buy her soon and cant wait to stitch her..she will be so happy with me here in africa..
big hugs.
you always so sweet and i like u so much.
big hugs from africa xxxxxxxxxxxxxx