venerdì 30 dicembre 2016


COUPON!!! My dear girls, the new year is just around the corner... and this 2016 has been, honestly, incredible... I have to thank you all for the satisfatcions you gave me during Nashville, the Tuscan retreat, the shows I had, Formigine.... and f for loving my work so much. You made my... life. It's very difficult to have the chance to do such a particular work... 
Next 2017 will be a very busy one... Nashville, and then 2 retreats, and then shows and celebrations... I hope to have you all close by my side and I promise I'll try to do my best as always :)   From me and all my family, to you and all your families, have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
To thank you all I created on Etsy a special coupon: for every Etsy order you will place from now to jan 8th you'll recieve a special coupon. Use the coupon on your next order and get 15 % discount! MY ETSY: CLIIIIIK
Love you girls! This is my little present for the new YEAR!

2 commenti:

Kate ha detto...

You're a sweetie - thank you.
I wish you Good Luck and Good Health for 2017.

gracie ha detto...

Happy New Yea and I hope it is a very prosperous one for you.