venerdì 4 dicembre 2020


BOREALIS FOX: This pattern's origins can be found in my last January trip to Lapland. When I visited Lapland I learnt a lot of legends about Aurora Borealis. One of them talks about Revontulet – the Finnish word for the Northern Lights – translates as “fox fires”. The firefox – tulikettu – is a mythical and elusive creature. As it runs along the fells, the fox’s flaming tail whips crystals of snow into the sky and the fur scratches the trees, setting the skies on fire. 

It has been very difficult to design the Aurora... the colours have been a nightmare LOL.. I lit an aurora candles bought in Rovaniemi... can you spot the blue(green flame? It's magical!!!! And this pattern has been patiently stitched by Elisabetta B. on Tempest 30 ct linen.


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TheCrankyCrow ha detto...

Another beautiful design...with intriguing inspiration behind it. I have studied mythology (Geek/Roman/Native American, etc.) but this is a new tale to me. We can see the Aurora Borealis here at times...and I will think of this next I see them. ~Robin~