mercoledì 22 settembre 2021


Third pattern in my 2021 Halloween Collection. I thought it should be nice to play the bad witch once in a life time LOL... but personally I'd always have candy on halloween night!!!!! Trick or treating is one of the most cute traditions we have!!! I'm so sorry I now live into the woods and nobody come here... but when I used to live in town I always had cauldrons full of candies and chocolates... personally I think it's cute to trick or treating also as an adult lol! LOL

"Hunted and out of candy"
an original design by ©The Primitive Hare

STITCH COUNT: 110 x 189 stitches
Stitched by Elisabetta B.

Pattern includes:
floss list\/symbols
color photo

Stitched on 1 cut of Fancy Skulls Linen 30 count: CLIIIIK
2 over 2, one cut fits one pattern

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