giovedì 14 ottobre 2021


OMG you'll never believe!!!! Im not late! I'm going to present you the October project of EARLY STITCHERS' CLUB a day in advance!!!! Well I have to say that this project is probably my favourite... in 11 years of designing. I love this Ghost bride, I love her!!!! This is Halloween month, therefore I thought it would have been nice to design something creepy. She is my Lady Ghost, personally I think at her as a Ghost Bride... but the veil may have a lot of meanings, it might simply be the veil of a ghost...
This pattern’s stitched on my DARK SPELL 30 ct linen, small cut.
Thanks to my Model Stitcher Elisabetta B.

You can subscribe 2021 EARLY STITCHERS CLUB at this link:

You will have the chance to learn skills, new techniques, old tricks .... get patterns, materials.... become a family.... be part of something cozy and lovely. I want to create a club/family of adventurous stitchers! In the name of stitching!

The 2021 CLUB subscription includes:
- membership card
- 5 new designs
- special discount of 20 % on your next order (only if placed by email and not on Etsy, specifying the order number of your Etsy order for the annual membership of the club)
- 1 sample of one of the linen by the Primitive Hare
- 3 needlework labels 
- the EXTRA pattern that depict our annual membership ( Next year you’ll receive another sample of fabric and another logo, my idea is to stitch them year after year and create a beautiful sampler banner. ))


For every design will be available a LIMITED quantity of kits. Kits have to be purchased SEPARATELY.


Remember to download the patterns and save them on your computer. In the case you’d forget to download the pattern do not hesitate and send me an email or an Etsy message. You’ll NOT receive any advice or email, you just have to go at the indicated links and download the patterns.

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