domenica 22 gennaio 2023


Hello my dear friends! It's time for 2023 EARLY STITCHERS' CLUB...This is the 7th year!!! I can't believe!!!! This year I beg you to buy your subscription using MY WEBSITE:

Etsy is killing sellers with fees... I know my website can give problem if you use your credit or debit card, for this reason I'll sell the CLUB through Etsy too, because I can't lose sales at the moment, but if you can, please use MY WEBSITE.


2023 Club membership includes:
- membership card (will be shipped end of March)
- 5 new designs (medium size, big size, ornament size)
- special discount of 20 % on your next order (only if placed by email and not on Etsy, specifing the order number of your Etsy order for the annual membership of the club)
- 1 sample of one of the linen by the Primitive Hare (will be shipped end with the card, it might be a printed linen, Old Salem or a sample from the Rainbow Collection)
- 1 surprise
- the EXTRA pattern that depict our annual membership ( Next year you’ll receive another sample of fabric and another logo, my idea is to stitch them year after year and create a beautiful sampler banner. )
Each design is based on the idea of “prim - witchy - early and medieval atmospheres”. Every pattern will include a full coloured cover, the chart, and some suggestions in order to learn new stitches, new techniques.... tricks, finishings...
For every design will be available a LIMITED quantity of kits. Kits have to be purchased SEPARATELY.
Patterns will be available on APPROXIMATELY:
(I’ll try to be on time but the life of a creative person can be chaotic LOL, as soon as I’ll upload the pattern I’ll write a post on our Facebook group. Do not panik LOL)

April 2nd
June 30th
August 31st
October 21st
December 11th

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