martedì 20 febbraio 2024


Day by day I'm telling you something about the story behind the patterns... for example: do you know that the Queen of needles series is not an idea I had but it is an idea of Elisabetta, my model stitcher? At the moment she is very annoyed by the queens LOL... she stitched them all twice and sometimes more than twice. But it's such a nice collection!!!! And Paola, my finisher is also very tired to finish them, hihihihihi. I ADORE to design them and I'm happy you all appreciate my queens so much. I have a bunch of ideas for my next releases...This READER QUEEN OF THE NEEDLES comes from my love for books. I love them in any possible format: real books, ebooks, big books, small books... tiny books... I love them, I love to read and thank to books I lived so many different lives in my mind, and I visited so many universes... To read is to live, is to learn... how many time I though... just another page....
Well, I hope you'll appreciate my short talking about the patterns... have a great week!!!!
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