lunedì 23 marzo 2020


Hello Wicked Hares! Last week I presented this Free Chart on FB and I forgot to post it here... I hope you are all safe and sound. I'm fine and working on orders and new patterns for next summer. it's a sad time in Italy... well, it's a sad time all other the world, but I hope that some 'happy stitches' will give you a lil bit of joy. Please stay safe at home, take care of elderly and of your pets. Everything will be fine. 

4 commenti:

Shortbread and Ginger ha detto...

Thank you - it is lovely!

butterfly ha detto...

Thank you , love it so cute, you are very kind .
Stay safe and have a good week.

MartinaM ha detto...

Thank you very much, take care.

TheCrankyCrow ha detto...

Such a sweet little chart... So cheery, and cheer is definitely needed at this time... Hoping your beautiful country recovers quickly...and ours as well. I am stitching away on my Mermaid of Salem Bay and loving her... Fearful I will run out of floss and not be able to get more as everyting has shut down. Yikes! Oh well, I will have to start on one of my others if that is the case.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin