giovedì 14 maggio 2020


In these days The Primitive Hare celebrates 10 years of business. And I want to start today a lot of celebrations! Stay tuned!!! We'll start today with a special sale on my PATTERNS on Etsy. Please use this coupon code: HAPPYBIRTHDAYHARE when you will check out on Etsy and you'll receive a 15% discount on your patterns order. This offer will be valid till June 1st.

In few weeks I'll be ready to present you also a special project, a collector kit in a splendid box with exclusive product. But we'll talk about this in future.

I totally forgot about this special anniversary but my friend Tuija reminded me about it!!! Oh my I'm so distracted lol. Ten years ago I designed my first pattern and, in autumn, I'd have attended my very first market. For all these 10 years I have always had by my side my beloved model stitcher and friend Elisabetta B. What a lucky person I am (oh well she's very lucky too, hiihihi)
10 years of passion, faith, fights, efforts, dreams, delusions, success and friends.
Thousands of sales on Etsy and much much much more through shops and markets and retreats... because, honestly, Etsy is only a small part of the relationship between me and you. I had the joy to hug so many of you.. and to personally touch your passion and enthusiasm. Thank you!

Thank to you I had the chance to be an independent woman, to build my house and to travel the world. Thank you! Because you are part of my life, every single day! Thanks so much!!!!

Tuija asked me how I started... well.. I had chickenpox!!! I was a graphic designer and I lived in a small flat. I was so bored.... 3 weeks at home with chickenpox.... and so I started to sew small snail dolls, cut some thread keeps and design a couple of patterns... and my new life begun!

Here in Italy we still can't meet friends, but I'll celebrate with my family this evening, with this beautiful cake. I'll have a bigger party in summer (hopefully). I want to share with you also the pics of my very first steps as designer... Some of these pics has been taken by the hubby of my friend Elisabetta B.
Thanks to YOU ALL!!!
And Happy Birthday to us all too!!!

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Sam I Am...... ha detto...

Happy Anniversary!!! Your cake is beautiful and so is your photography. I wish you another 10 years of success, inspiration and happiness!