giovedì 25 giugno 2020


Hello sweeties! It’s time to leave and have holidays!!! I’m going to close my Etsy for few weeks. I’ll not reply to emails and messages on a daily base but You're not abandoned lol:  I'll read them once a week and I'll take care of them :)  I’ll update my Facebook page and Instagram because I love to share pics of my trips.
If you are waiting for your order: it has been shipped! The postal service is still very slow due to lockdown. But I have NO backorders. If you are afraid: do not! Your order will arrive or you'll have a choice: full refund or new shipment. I'll reply to your questions asa I'll be online.

This shop will open at the end of July.

Happy Summer 

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TheCrankyCrow ha detto...

Enjoy your holiday!!! Love the photo LOL.... (and, yay! I finished The Mermaid of Salem Bay!!!) ~Robin~