sabato 25 luglio 2020


Hello friends! I'm glad to introduce you my new releases. I'd love to speak a better english in order to explain you how happy I am to have been able to create again something new. These months have been terrible for all of us and I had a lot of difficulties in finding time to sit and design... my mind was elsewhere... Thanks so much to Elisabetta B., my dear, unique model stitcher... she ... pushed (kindly...........) me to design and do not lose my focus. Thanks sweetie.... I hope you'll love everything... You can find all my collection on my Etsy, but here I'll present one item at a time.

Today I present you WANTED. This patterns's inspired by my cat Byron, who is absolutely a perfect witch cat, and I'm sure he's guilty of many crimes of witchcraft LOL. This pattern has been stitched by Elisabetta on Dark Spell 30 ct linen, using Gentle Art threads. 

DARK SPELL 30 ct linen : CLIK HERE

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TheCrankyCrow ha detto...

I think there is a good many of us who are a bit "out of sorts" these days... Glad you were nudged to "refocus." And, oh, how I am loving this new pattern! I finished my mermaid (well, not yet framed)....and am putting this on my "dance card" when I get back to stitching....I am working on a large hooked rug these days so my needle has been temporarily set aside. Stay well and safe ~Robin~