martedì 9 febbraio 2021


Hello Wicked Hares!!! I'm happy to present you my Calendar. This is a project I hope to present every year: a wall hanging calendar, with 12 new patterns, professionally printe.
The calendar includes alternative spelling for the months names, pictures of the patterns, 12 graphs, color keys for each pattern and real calendar pages to write on. 
You can order to your LNS (they already have pictures and prices), or, if you don't have a LNS to me, on my Etsy: CLIK HERE

Stitched on: Old Salem linen 30 ct The Snowfall 30 ct - Boleyn linen 30 ct - Royal bee 30 ct 
Thanks again, I hope to hear from you soon 

Stitched by Elisabetta B. Finished by Paola Endrizzi. Thanks girls!!!!

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TheCrankyCrow ha detto...

What a great idea...and great little designs!! ~Robin~