martedì 4 agosto 2020


I do love winter ocean... and I do love stormy skies... this fabric has been created thinking about these beautiful sceneries. I will use this fabric for some of my winter patterns and then for a beautiful mermaid, next summer. TEMPEST is a 30 ct linen. 35 and 40 count are available on request. 

and here you can see all my fabric collection: CLIIIK

venerdì 31 luglio 2020


What happen to pumpkins? The grew and they we carve them for Halloween... but if we carve them their spirit flies away and goes to the pumpkins heaven LOL.... This is the mysterious meaning hidden in my new Halloween pattern CARVED.
Stitched by Elisabetta on Boleyn 30 ct linen
The stitch count is: 112 x 161
I used DMC and Gentle Art threads


martedì 28 luglio 2020


Hello sweeties. This is the second pattern of my new collection. It's BETSY ROSS FLAG. It has been stitched with Gentle Art threads on my Constitution Fabric. Elisabetta did a fantastic job! Thanks sweetie!!!

The stitch count of this pattern is: 103 x 152
Now, that I see it finished, I think I'd have stitched the States name on the red stripes in white.... but this is only my humble suggestion LOL. originally I wanted to add some buttons right under the 'we the' words... but then I forgot. Oh my I can be so easily distracted lol lol lol... If you'd decide to stitch this pattern following my suggestions please share a pic with me! I'm curious!!!

For this pattern I released a new thread keep with a very iconic image of Betsy Ross sewing the flag, THE FIRST FLAG THREAD KEEP is available on my Etsy too.
Links are below.




sabato 25 luglio 2020


Hello friends! I'm glad to introduce you my new releases. I'd love to speak a better english in order to explain you how happy I am to have been able to create again something new. These months have been terrible for all of us and I had a lot of difficulties in finding time to sit and design... my mind was elsewhere... Thanks so much to Elisabetta B., my dear, unique model stitcher... she ... pushed (kindly...........) me to design and do not lose my focus. Thanks sweetie.... I hope you'll love everything... You can find all my collection on my Etsy, but here I'll present one item at a time.

Today I present you WANTED. This patterns's inspired by my cat Byron, who is absolutely a perfect witch cat, and I'm sure he's guilty of many crimes of witchcraft LOL. This pattern has been stitched by Elisabetta on Dark Spell 30 ct linen, using Gentle Art threads. 

DARK SPELL 30 ct linen : CLIK HERE

giovedì 25 giugno 2020


Hello sweeties! It’s time to leave and have holidays!!! I’m going to close my Etsy for few weeks. I’ll not reply to emails and messages on a daily base but You're not abandoned lol:  I'll read them once a week and I'll take care of them :)  I’ll update my Facebook page and Instagram because I love to share pics of my trips.
If you are waiting for your order: it has been shipped! The postal service is still very slow due to lockdown. But I have NO backorders. If you are afraid: do not! Your order will arrive or you'll have a choice: full refund or new shipment. I'll reply to your questions asa I'll be online.

This shop will open at the end of July.

Happy Summer 

giovedì 14 maggio 2020


In these days The Primitive Hare celebrates 10 years of business. And I want to start today a lot of celebrations! Stay tuned!!! We'll start today with a special sale on my PATTERNS on Etsy. Please use this coupon code: HAPPYBIRTHDAYHARE when you will check out on Etsy and you'll receive a 15% discount on your patterns order. This offer will be valid till June 1st.

In few weeks I'll be ready to present you also a special project, a collector kit in a splendid box with exclusive product. But we'll talk about this in future.

I totally forgot about this special anniversary but my friend Tuija reminded me about it!!! Oh my I'm so distracted lol. Ten years ago I designed my first pattern and, in autumn, I'd have attended my very first market. For all these 10 years I have always had by my side my beloved model stitcher and friend Elisabetta B. What a lucky person I am (oh well she's very lucky too, hiihihi)
10 years of passion, faith, fights, efforts, dreams, delusions, success and friends.
Thousands of sales on Etsy and much much much more through shops and markets and retreats... because, honestly, Etsy is only a small part of the relationship between me and you. I had the joy to hug so many of you.. and to personally touch your passion and enthusiasm. Thank you!

Thank to you I had the chance to be an independent woman, to build my house and to travel the world. Thank you! Because you are part of my life, every single day! Thanks so much!!!!

Tuija asked me how I started... well.. I had chickenpox!!! I was a graphic designer and I lived in a small flat. I was so bored.... 3 weeks at home with chickenpox.... and so I started to sew small snail dolls, cut some thread keeps and design a couple of patterns... and my new life begun!

Here in Italy we still can't meet friends, but I'll celebrate with my family this evening, with this beautiful cake. I'll have a bigger party in summer (hopefully). I want to share with you also the pics of my very first steps as designer... Some of these pics has been taken by the hubby of my friend Elisabetta B.
Thanks to YOU ALL!!!
And Happy Birthday to us all too!!!

lunedì 23 marzo 2020


Hello Wicked Hares! Last week I presented this Free Chart on FB and I forgot to post it here... I hope you are all safe and sound. I'm fine and working on orders and new patterns for next summer. it's a sad time in Italy... well, it's a sad time all other the world, but I hope that some 'happy stitches' will give you a lil bit of joy. Please stay safe at home, take care of elderly and of your pets. Everything will be fine. 

lunedì 16 marzo 2020


Hello my dear friends! PORCELAIN is the FIRST pattern I designed for our 2020 Club. I reproduced an ancient spanish dish dated 1425 - 1450. I totally felt in love with this dish probably made in Manises (Valencia - Spain). This tin - glazed earthware is part of a collection, there’s also a beautiful dragon I’d love to design... who knows, if you will love this one I might design the dragon next year....
Thanks to my Model Stitcher Elisabetta B.

You can subscribe 2020 EARLY STITCHERS CLUB at this link.

You will have the chance to learn skills, new techniques, old tricks .... get patterns, materials.... become a family.... be part of something cozy and lovely. I want to create a club/family of adventurous stitchers! In the name of stitching! 

For this year the CLUB will give you:
- membership card (will be shipped in March)
- 5 new designs (medium size, big size, ornament size)
- special discount of 20 % on your next order (only if placed by email and not on Etsy, specifying the order number of your Etsy order for the annual membership of the club)
- 1 sample of one of the linen by the Primitive Hare (will be shipped in March with the card, it might be a printed linen, Old Salem or a sample from the Rainbow Collection) 
- 1 special hand dyed thread to stitch our logo - pattern (will be shipped in March with the card)
- the EXTRA pattern that depict our annual membership (will be sent immediately via Etsy message asa you subscribe the Club)


Each design is based on the idea of "prim - witchy - early and victorian". Every pattern will include a full coloured cover, the chart, and some suggestions in order to learn new stitches, new techniques.... tricks, finishings...
For every design will be available a LIMITED quantity of kits. Kits have to be purchased SEPARATELY.

FABRIC USED: Old Salem Linen 30 ct , Boleyn linen 30 ct: and maybe something else...

Patterns will be available on APPROXIMATELY:
(I'll try to be on time but the life of a creative person can be chaotic LOL)
February 28th
May 8th
August 16th
October 1st
December 2nd

Remember to download the patterns and save them on your computer. In the case you’d forget to download the pattern do not hesitate and send me an email or an Etsy message. You’ll NOT receive any advice or email, you just have to go at the indicated links and download the patterns.