venerdì 9 settembre 2011

Rebecca Nurse

Witchcraft = Salem Village. This is a common thought... I really love history and I'm so sad when I think at Salem and at those poor women... So I've created this chart: it's the exact reproduction of the real Rebecca Nurse House in Danvers, the Old Salem Village in 1692. This is my 'flower' on the grave, to honor her and all the victims oh human madness.

REBECCA NURSE ©2011  The Primitive Hare
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4 commenti:

Claudine brodeuse de perles ha detto...

Un bel ouvrage et bel hommage ! Bisous et bon week-end

CATHI ha detto...

A great chart - thanks for creating a remembrance to honour those women which were prosecuted some centuries ago...


BARBY1975 ha detto...

Molto bella questa casetta invernale con la neve.
Mi piacciono molto questo genere di ricami ispirati alle streghe di Salem.
Bella anche la cornice


P.J. ha detto...

What a wonderful tribute to such a tragic event in our history.