venerdì 10 febbraio 2012

Old Salem: 30 ct linen and Old Massachusett 40 ct

Hi sweeties! I've received a lot of questions about the linen I use to stitch my patterns, so I've decided to produce it! This is my linen, I've called it OLD SALEM. It's a 30 ct. 45x40 cm circa (16x18 inches circa).

It's available also the OLD MASSACHUSETT, 40 ct, but only on request 50x70 cm circa.

8 commenti:

cucki ha detto...

It is very lovely linen :)
Love cucki xxx

La Comtesse ha detto...

Wow, wow!!!
...che bella idea questa della stoffa tinta solo come sai fare tu!

Unknown ha detto...

Pezzi di unica e straordinaria bellezza!

Shirlee ha detto...

It looks beautiful! Will you be supplying it to any shops in the US? Blessings, Shirlee

CATHI ha detto...

Hello, I would like to buy one piece! Please send me an invoice to my email address (profile)! :o)

Very lovely linen!

Hugs, Cathi

Laura ha detto...

Bellissimo questo lino!!!!

ЛОшка ha detto...

hello! i interested to buy a piece too. how could i get it?
i could pay you by paypal for example.
regards from Russia

Anne ha detto...

I am late posting here ... over a year! But I just saw your Old Salem linen. Its great!! :)