lunedì 18 giugno 2012

Do you love scissors?

My dear friends, I think that no words are necessary to describes this wonderful scissor. The are a perfect reproduction and so I thought to give them an ancient name: ANNE BOLEYN SCISSORS.
Do you love them? I DO!!!

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14 commenti:

The E.Art ha detto...

I like scissors!:-)

Shirlee ha detto...

They are beautiful!

Conxi ha detto...

I like so much


ago e filo per sognare ha detto...

Very very nice! When I Saw these scissors I thinked at the lady of the past When the embroderie Was an art, not like today..... Few people know this fantatsic art.
Sorriso for my bed english

Hilda ha detto...

And I do!

They are made for me - for sure!


myrica ha detto...

I love the scissors they are so beautiful.
Have a nice day.

una sognatrice newyorkese ha detto...

stupende!!!! ma quanti talenti hai???
un'abbraccio, Ezia.

Vivi ha detto...

I just love the way you named it, so many pages of "The other Boleyn girl" describe the ladies of the court and queen Catherine working on a common embroidery project.

eszter ha detto...

Veramente é molto interessante!
(povera donna...)

Kathy Ellen ha detto...

What a lovely name for such exquisite scissors! I love the beautiful little rose fob too!

Vaida ha detto...

wow, I'm speechless.. they are gorgeous!

Lili ha detto...

Yes! Gorgeous!!! :)
(I love the name of the scissors)

myrica ha detto...

Tank you for the lovley scissors.
Have a nice day

Elisabetta ha detto...

Ohhh, yes, already mine...if not already gone....:/