mercoledì 5 dicembre 2012


My dear friend, here are my new patterns for Christmas. They have a looooong story, because my poor model stitched has stitched them twice... I destroyed them (not intentionally of course) during the aging process: OMG !!! She stitched the deer in a couple of nights... so quickly... I'd be lost without her: thanks Elisabetta to be by my side and to help me ALWAYS. 

The first pattern is CHRISTMAS TREE. I finished it in a frame (available to be shipped immediately, just send me an e mail ), but it's so lovely stitched also as a pillow, and you can easily stitch some pillows with the written below the lady, perfect to wish a lovely Christmas to special friends. The date is the year of the first Christmas Tree decorated at Queen Victoria's Court.


stitched by.. me :)


This is the second pattern: two lovely ornaments (stitched by Elisabetta): I put them in the middle of my Advent crown, but you can use them to dec the Christmas Tree, or to wrap some large candles :)


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Elisabetta ha detto...

Ohhhh, poor poor me!!! But is always a pleasure to stitch for you! <3

Angelina ha detto...

Cara Isabella, mi distraggo un attimo e tu mi sforni queste meraviglie???!!! Mi scalda sempre il cuore passare da te.
Un abbraccio
ps la lana è meravigliosa

una sognatrice newyorkese ha detto...

Bellissimi e' dir poco!!!!

denise meneguzzo ha detto...

Fantatici è poco?????
Isabella,sono meravigliosi!
un abbraccio

Villa-loredana ha detto...

Non visitarti ogni giorno, si perde un mondo delle maraviglie. Loredana.

Anna Maria ha detto...


cucki ha detto...

aww they are so cuteeeeeeeeeee
love for you always xxx

Mindi ha detto...

Beautiful, I love them!

eszter ha detto...

sono veramente meravigliosi!
l'atmosfera del secolo passato é molto sentimentale, e le due cuscinetti sono adorabili♥

La Comtesse ha detto...

Belli come sempre, brava come non mai!

morena ha detto...


francesca ha detto...

Che meraviglie...sono rimasta a bocca aperta..stupendi!!
buona giornata!!

Lili ha detto...

How pretty new designs!
Hugs x

myrica ha detto...

They are so nice and fine.
Have a nice day

Lynn ha detto...

Such beautiful cross stitch projects. I love the red and the white together -- very festive and Christmassy. I've been trying to finish off some of the ornaments I've stitched during the year. I have a very bad habit of finishing the stitching then moving right on to another pattern, without actually finishing the PROJECT. Just finished sewing the backing onto one and am rewarding myself with a few minutes of computer time :) Thanks for sharing your cute ornaments. They are inspiring me to finish more of mine.

Clara ha detto...

Che pazienza la povera Elisabetta con la strega Arghi!!!!!!! Ih ih ih ....... tutti e tre molto belli, ma l'albero vittoriano è ..... stupefacente!!!

Hilda ha detto...

Hallo dear Isobel!

So wonderful new patterns - I love them!
Especially the christmas ornaments are really perfect for me.
Read and white and brown - my favorite colors for this year's christmas!