sabato 24 agosto 2013


Hello my dear friends :) This one will be a long post, because I have to present you my september releases: Sleeping Beauty, Witchy Moon and a new thread keeper. Let's start!

Let me introduce you my SLEEPING BEAUTY. This pattern is second in the Fairy Tale Collection, the first one is Red Riding Hood. 
In this design the sweet princess is sleeping an eternal sleep, and three small drops of blood are on her gown... All my fairy tales designs are inspired from the ancient meaning of the tales...
I hope you will 'feel' them as I do :)))
I received a lot of request about this series... so I decided to let you have a list of my future releases: Hansel & Gretel, Rapunzel, Snow white, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland and a particulat 'Once upon a Time'
I'm working on these, but I have also some more ideas of course :)

available on my Etsy 
or sending me an email:


And now.... This is the first design in my 2013 Halloween Collection. I designed 3, maybe 4 designs, but this is the first. It is based on an ancient
The chart includes three different patterns, so you'll be able to stitch the framed sampler, the Moon Phases pillow and the small New Moon Pillow
I simply adore this pattern...

available on my Etsy 
or sending me an email:


Ooook, we are at the end... This is THE MOON, the first thread keeper in the simple halloween collection, another couple will follow in september along with the rest oh the halloween stash. This a a happy, witchy, smiling moon. It is always available sending me an email or on my Etsy :)

available on my Etsy
or sending me an email:


As always... special thanks to elisabetta that stitched everything during this summer holidays and finished the pillows in a spectacular way... Kiss :)

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La Comtesse ha detto...

Ahhh...che romantica questa Bella Addormentata! ti sei superata nel sampler di Halloween!

denise ha detto...

adorable! all of them. denise

Raffaella ha detto...


Elisabetta ha detto...

I deeply love to stitch all your patterns but I love someone in particular way and Witchy Moon belongs precisely to these <3

eszter ha detto...

MERAVIGLIOSO! Devo ricamarlo subito!

moosecraft ha detto...

Fantastic designs!

Unknown ha detto...

sei troooooppo brava!

Teresa ha detto...

bellissimi e da sogno tutti e due, ma il secondo mi ha stregata!!!!!
Oh Isabella !!

Stefania Fortunato ha detto...

Sono meravigliosi, come sempre.

cucki ha detto...

Aww both are so sweet xx

aghinobirichino ha detto...

Isabella, sono splendidi!
Bacio, Sonia

Juls ha detto...

So excited about this series!!!! Love it!!!!

gloria. ha detto...

passando da Elisabetta ho visto i tuoi schemi...da favola in tutto e per tutto quello della bella addormentata con il vecchio filarino e quello di halloween di solito non ne vado pazza ma questo mi piace veramente tanto.glo

Manuela Albanese - Cross Stitch Designer ha detto...

Assolutamente meraviglioso !!!

myrica ha detto...

So nice patterns.
Have a nice day

Anonimo ha detto...

All of them are lovely designs.
best wishes Julie.C

manu ha detto...

meravigliosissima la Bella Addormentata!!!!