martedì 24 settembre 2013


Hello Pals :))) This is the second part of my Halloween Releases :) I decided to design the pattern of the Needles' Queen Series :) 
ALL HALLOWS NEEDLES' QUEEN rapresents a lovely witch with her magic wand in a veryyyy spoooky cemetery :)))

available in my ETSY shoppe
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Thanks so much to Elisabetta! SHe has stitched and finished this piece so quickly!!! 

And this is miss WITCH HAZEL. A perfectly smooth black threadkeeper!
available in my ETSY shoppe
or emailing me:

10 commenti:

✿Fabrizia✿ ha detto...

Bellissimo anche questo, sei veramente forte!!......anche la Betty. 😀
Un bacio

cucki ha detto...

Wow this one is so cute..
And so much cucki (:
Big hugs x❤️❤️❤️

Elisabetta ha detto...

Grazie Fabrizia!
I'm your angel Isobel!!!

CATHI ha detto...

What a great chart! :o) You make me spend my whole money for your wonderful designs...! ;o)


moosecraft ha detto...

Another winner! This design would even look great in a frame. Love the witchy thread keeper!

gracie ha detto...

I just may have to have this one, along with the needlebooks.

mammadeglialieni ha detto...

bellissimo anche questo!

Emma/Itzy ha detto...

This one is lovely! :D

Zeb ha detto...

Ah love it! :) If I had know this was coming out I'd have ordered the fabric for this as well in my last order XD

gloria. ha detto...

i tuoi schemi sono come le ciliege.......glo