lunedì 16 giugno 2014


Hi Pals! I'm a lil bit late with the updates of my blog, I'm sorry!!! Anyway, if you follow me on my FB Group, you already know that I started a Halloween Mistery SAL (SAL means Stitch a Long).

or sending me an email:

"Early Witches" 
is a Halloween pattern divided in 5 pieces:

The first part of the pattern will be emailed asa you'll buy the pattern (or within few hours if I'm not online). The other 4 parts will be sent via etsy convo or via email as follow:

tuesday july 15th
thursady august 14th
tuesday september 16th
tuesday october 14th

THESE DATES CAN VARY A LIL BIT. Please do not worry in case of delay.

I designed this pattern using my 30 ct Olde Salem Linen and DMC threads.
A standard cut of fabric is enough, but if you are used to sew or frame with a large border you'd consider to buy a BIG cut.
standard cut:

Due to tons of orders, I could have small delays in shipping fabrics, so please have patience, I do everything alone and, fortunately, you all have really appreciated this SAL, so I'm overwhelmed.
I'll ship fabric orders within 8 -10 days after payment, thanks for your understanding

Happy spooooky mystery SAL!!!
(please no... I can't show the entire pattern LOL, it's a MYSTERY!)

This is the list of colors I used and the stitch count too.

clik on this picture to enlarge

7 commenti:

Love to Stitch ha detto...

This sounds great! What will each pattern part cost? I see the first one is something like $16? Will each part cost that much? Thank you :)

Isobel -Argante- ha detto...

if you read well the post you'll notice that the entire pattern costs 15,90 dollars :)

Shelly ha detto...

I'd like to join and have requested to join the group on FB. This coming weekend I'll buy the pattern on Etsy. This should be lots of fun!

Bianca ha detto...

What a fun SAL :)

cucki ha detto...

I am a happy witch too :)

Anonimo ha detto...

WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for ninja saga hack tool

Lili ha detto...

I'm so happy with this SAL!!
The first part is gorgeous!! :)