martedì 21 ottobre 2014


Hello sister witchy stitchers... Do you follow me on FB? NO? This is not good.... It's going to begin a new adventure... Do you feel witchy? Do you feel weird? Do you feel the magic of Halloween in your veins? Well... this is the right place for you....

ON WEDNESDAY WE STITCH BLACK is a very very very particular SAL... We will stitch Halloween for a full year, but not for 12 months... no no... for 13 full moons!
On the first wednesday after the full moon of each month, in a dusty attic, with the light of a candle... They, the witches, stitch black............

HOW TO (please read carefully): To join this SAL you have to go on my Etsy and buy the subscription. You'll istantly download a PDF with all the dates of the releases of the 13 patterns and the link to download the 13 parts of the SAL.
The first pattern WILL BE AVAILABLE November 12 th, NOT BEFORE.

(the picture on the banner is only a Pinterest pic, it's not the pattern)

I'll refresh the link every wednesday after the full moon of each month, so you'll be able to download the pattern without waiting for my emails to come...

Remember to download the pattern and save it on your computer. In the case you’d forget to download the montly pattern do not hesitate and send me an email or an Etsy convo. You’ll NOT receive any advice or email, you just have to go at the written link and download the pattern. The link WILL NEVER CHANGE.
Every month you’ll download at the same link a new pattern, and the file will include also all the previous patterns. At The end of the SAL you’ll have a lil booklet.

If you'll join the SAL in future you'll receive ALL the previous patterns

These are the 13 dates:

November 12 th (2014)
December 10th (2014)

January 7th
February 4th
March 11th
April 8th (moon eclipse)
May 6th
June 3rd
July 8th
August 5th
September 2nd
September 30th
October 28th

For questions - dubts.... send me and email:

- ornaments
- one or two patterns divided in 2 parts


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cucki ha detto...

wicked witchy me..smiling here and its o much fun dear..
witchy hugs x

gracie ha detto...

What a fun project!Thinking about it.....

gracie ha detto...

What a fun project!Thinking about it.....

myrica ha detto...

What a fun project and so nice, I like your patterns so now I have bay the Kal
and i are so curious so I will started now.
Have a nice day

Lili ha detto...

Sounds really fun!!


Sam I Am...... ha detto...

I am seriously thinking of doing the Wednesday stitch and I love all your Halloween stitchery. I wanted to feature you on my blog as a post with your pictures and your new stitching club (hopefully some of my followers will be interested). But I want- ed to get your permission first. Please email me soon so I can use it this week if it's okay with you. It's all about your stitcheries and you but I am using your pictures. But I have a link to your blog and will try and link to your Etsy Shop. Thank you!