martedì 4 novembre 2014


Hello stitchers! I have sooo many new ideas for Christmas... so I must start NOW to present them! Today I wanna show you my first ornament. Every year I present by myself one of the old releases for various magazines... This year it's PEACE ON EARTH. I designed it again using a new thread by Romy's Creations.
In my Etsy shoppe, you can find the pattern and the kit too.... May I say Merry Christmas???


and here you can find the:  KIT: CLIK HERE
This is the kit needed to perfectly stitch my pattern PEACE ON EARTH.
I re designed it with a new thread by Romy's creations, Angelic Gold.

1 lil cut Old Salem Linen 30 ct that fits for the ornament
+ 1 Special hand dyed thread 'Angelic Gold' by Romy Creations
4 rusty bells
1 rusty safety pin

No DMC threads included, no tag included, no pattern included


Aaaaaand every year I create some new thread keepers... this year I have 2, or maybe 3, new entries... This is the first one: a lovely roching Horse released in two colors: white or aged. I have to admit I particularly love the grunged version, so victorian, nostalgic... wonderful :) Probably one of my fav tk. Don't you think that a rocking horse is a wonderful Christmas gift? LOL.
Hope you love them!

7 commenti:

Kate ha detto...

Your rocking horse is a beautiful thread keeper! Your Peace on Earth is a beauty. ^^

Stefania Fortunato ha detto...

Molto particolare il cavallino, lo adoro.
Bellissimo anche il ricamo, come sempre.

Nurdan Kanber ha detto...

Wonderful♥ just wonderful♥!

Emma/Itzy ha detto...

So pretty :)

Robin at The Primitive Hutch ha detto...

Such a Beautiful piece and I so love your rocking horse too!
Christmas is coming so fast!
Prim Blessings

Anonimo ha detto...

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Sam I Am...... ha detto...

These are all heirloom quality and who wouldn't love to get any of it at Christmas...(Santa are you listening?) the candles you use in your displays too....they really set the mood of coziness at the holidays.