lunedì 26 gennaio 2015


Hello my friends!!! The first ornament is ready! A bunch of you has downloaded the pattern yesterday, but today the file is complete, with pictures of the stitched piece and a short note with the traditions of the day.
Elisabetta (tender sweet Miss Betty) stitched with 2 threads of DMC on 30 ct Old Salem linen. If you want you can sew it as an ornament, but I’m going to frame them all at the end of the sal in an old window with 12 spaces.
You can stitch them separately or on a single piece of fabric, on your choise. All the ornaments have the same dimensions.

The first day is dedicated to animals, and so my pattern  :)

1st DAY: Day of Animals - Boxing Day - Day of the Wren

If you wanna join the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SAL
you can join it and read info about it here:

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Hilda ha detto...

This looks quite lovely! Although I am not joining your "12-Days-of-Christmas"-SAL I am looking forward to seeing your wonderful designs!