venerdì 22 maggio 2015


Hello girls!!! I'm here! My Tuscan Retreats have been a wonderful adventure! Knowing new friends, stitching, laughing !!!!! I have no words to describe my joy. I didn't know if I'd decided to plan a 2016 retreat... but everything has been so fab that I decided YES! The Primitive Hare will have a 2016 TUSCAN RETREAT. A lil bit longer, with new towns to discover, new adventures to live...... I'll let u know asap the dates :)

Thanks so much to all the girls who joined these 2 Retreats! Wonderful, funny, amazing ladies, marvellous stitchers, great womens! Love u all, thanks so much for all the wonderful hours we spent together under the tuscan sun! I hope to meet u again :) THANKS
I want to share few pics... I don't want to share personal portraits, so let me share only few pics about those wonderful days.... Have a nice week end!

my booth :)

gooood girls!


Busatti wonderful fabrics

ancient looms, still used to weave magical fabrics
Tela Umbra - Città di Castello



cooking lessons!

cooking lessons!

stitching friends :)
Lori Niky and Me :)

OMG... no stitching????


View from our beloved heated jacuzzi LOL


Florence - David

Florence - Uffizi Museum


our last sunset together :(

Peppa !!!! <3 br="">

6 commenti:

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname ha detto...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I am so envious!

Queen Bee's Musings ha detto...

Oh my such wonderful pictures and looks like an unbelievable stitch retreat!

Barbara ha detto...

Oh to be there....but thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure. I can almost smell the flowers, taste the wonderful food and feel the beautiful fabrics.

Mdm Samm ha detto...

what beautiful fav the home with all the flowers attached , every one so gorgeous...lovely to see where you are and travelling too...lovely view from here..

Daniela ha detto...

My dearest Isabella,
your posts are always so fascinating and interesting more and more, it's such a joy to come and meet you here, my sweet friend !
Have a wonderful Sunday !
Sending love, with gratitude

Mrs Milkybar Kid ha detto...

Looks like you all had an absolutely amazing time! Such beautiful photos!