giovedì 25 giugno 2015


Hello my friends!!! The 6th ornament is ready and the file can be downloaded! The 6th day is dedicated to the last day of the year: HOGMANAY :) For this pattern I've been inspired by the ancient saint Lucy, the bringer of light...
You can stitch these 12 ornaments separately or on a single piece of fabric, on your choise. All the ornaments have the same dimensions and have been stitched on Old Salem Linen, 30 ct.

6th DAY: Hogmanay

Stiched by My Miss Betty

If you wanna join the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SAL
you can join it and read info about it here:


I updated the file of the 5th ornament, if you download it you'll find the picture of the finished ornament included in the cover.

3 commenti:

Hilda ha detto...

Hi my dear,
you have been very busy and creative the last time. So many wonderful new things and patterns that you have created! Amazing!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Juicybear ha detto...

I love everything you make, I already stitched a few of your patterns and love them.
Greetz Anneke

Mdm Samm ha detto...

very tell me do boars represent a Christmas meaning....not sure I have ever seen them presented this way... at first I thought it was christmas pudding lol