lunedì 7 dicembre 2015


Hi my friends, 
just a quick note... I'm hardly working for Nashville show, it's my first time and I'm soooo anxious LOL... For this reason I decided to close my Etsy from tuesday 22nd december to the 8th of january. So please, if you need something, take your time to get it now, in this way I'll have enough time to ship all the orders before to close and leave, as I'll spend the holidays with my family near Milan, far from where I live :)
Thanks for your attention :)))

2 commenti:

Stitching Noni ha detto...

Have fun at the Show! And have a wonderful Christmas and New Year :o)
Hugs xx

Claudia ha detto...

Buon viaggio Isabella, buona permanenza a Nashville e buone Feste! A risentirci a gennaio.. ��⭐️