martedì 19 gennaio 2016

NASHVILLE 2016 CLASS - reserved to shops-

Hi my friend, I hope you had a beautiful Christmas Season :) I spent mine with my family and visiting the Beautiful Edimburgh... oh what an enchanted town!!! But now it's time to cross stitch again and again LOL!
This year I'll attend Nashville Needlework Market, I'm so excited!!! I'll also have a class reserved to the shop owners who will join the market, anyway I wanna show you my class...

A precious needle case with a particular shape,
inspired by the ancient tradition of the irish wedding ring CLADDAGH

“The hands are for friendship.
the heart is there for love.
For loyalty throughout the year,
the crown is raised above”

The kit include: 
30 ct Old Salem Linen
calico fabric (might not match with the one used in the pic)
42 original Swarovski crystals
3 handmade claddagh pins
gold thread
finishing instructions
special needle and thread to attach micro Swarovski crystals
The price of the class is 30 $

Materials To Bring To Class: Please bring a pair of embroidery scissors, needle to sew and some sewing thread (white or beige)

(please write to both emails)

My booth is suite 312 K and I’ll present a lot of new patterns, fabric, tiny precious handmade items, thread keepers, pins....
HUGS :)))

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