giovedì 31 marzo 2016


Hi my friends, my dear friend Lori Horan Laughlin continues to raise founds for charity. I designed this pattern to help her: THE STITCHERHOOD. If you want to receive it please join her FB group and make a donation, this time she raise donations for women's cancer. THANKS!

These are Lori's words:

"Today is the day! We are starting our women's cancer event. We will be celebrating the beauty in all women, the roles we play, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend. It's also a celebration of sisterhood. As women I believe we share a bond no matter where we live.
I don't mean to leave our men friends out, I'm sure they all have a woman in their lives that they would want to support :) 
I also know that men can be diagnosed with breast cancer as well, but any breakthroughs in that field would benefit them as well.
We are by far mostly women in this group, all sister stitchers. Thank you all for joining us and happy stitching :) "

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