venerdì 8 luglio 2016


Hi girls :) I'm still on a holiday (well... I'm at home and I 'm working on next shows....) but I decided to open my Etsy for a special discount. CHRISTMAS IN JULY! This offer is valid ONLY FOR PATTERNS, so in my Etsy you'll find only patterns (if you wish to buy fabric - thread keepers or pins send me a message, but the discount is not valid for these items ).
CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE starts NOW (here in Italy is deeeep night). From now to monday july 18th, spending 50$, you'll get 20% discount.

To get the discount visit my etsy shop: CLIK HERE
and at the check out insert the promotional code: CHRISTMASINJULY2016


PS: Here is 1 in the night and, maybe, during the night some items could sold out, but don't worry, tomorrow morning I'll list again everything (eventually)

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Merry Wind Farm ha detto...

I just finished stitching your Nashville kit and loved it.