lunedì 22 agosto 2016


Hello stitchers!!!! Do you know when you try to do a particular thing and then you get a better thing BUT you have no idea about how you got it? Well... this is the story of this linen.... I originally wanted to get a purple but then... heaven knows what happened... AT the end I got this adorable shaded linen, perfect for Halloween.
It's a VERY LIMITED EDITION, I have only 14 cuts and I'll not be able to dye more...
MYSTICAL CAULDRON is a precious 30 ct linen, hand dyed, each piece is different. Measures approx 40x45 cm.


In these cold days (trust in me, here in the mountains is cold), I also put together the kit for OCTOBER31st, the Halloween pattern I designed for Just Cross Stitch: you can buy the pattern by your LNS, my Etsy listing is only for the KIT (fabric and hand dyed flosses) and the pattern is NOT included.

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