martedì 7 febbraio 2017


Hello Stitching world! I'm glad to present you the FIRST PART of my Nashville releases. Soon after St. Valentine I'll present the rest of the patterns (4 or 5 new patterns and 1 new thread keeper). Please feel free to send your your LNS an order and tell them to pick it up during Nashville show.
If  you want to order something directly from me please send an email at:

ITALIAN AND EUROPEAN SHOPS: please send pre-orders at:
Your order will be shipped soon after Nashville Market, the second week of march.
We are hardly working in order to have enough items for all the shops,  but please consider that everything is HAND MADE, for this reason a pre order is more than welcome.
My suite is number 312, 3rd floor. Hugs! and Happy Stitching!

* Colonial Hare (3 patterns included)
stitched on 40 ct Olde Massachusetts linen

* Love and Faith
stitched on 30 ct Old Salem Linen

Exclusive Nashville Kit 'Salem Stitcherhood' (reserved for Nashville shops only)
Kit includes: hand dyed linen to stitch - wooden frame - pattern - parchment
and photograps booklet with finishing instructions)
(this kit does not include the buttons and rusty bells because
they are so much more expensive in Italy that I'd increase the price for no reason)

Thread Keepers:
Hares' Queen handpainted tk
Hare Spirit handpainted tk
Hare in the moon
Pins and Fob:
Colonial Hare pins
Colonial Hare Fob
The sheep company pins set

Boleyn Linen 30 ct
standard cut measures 38 x 47 cm approx

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