venerdì 23 giugno 2017

New Releases: ALL ABOUT BEES

Hello my dear sisters! The BEE MOMENT is here! My collection of printed linen has a new add: the PRIM BEE linen, 30 ct. On this precious linen you can stitch all the bee patterns you want, there is plenty of space!.


I have also designed a special pattern

Telling the bees is an ancient tradition, and, as I am a beekeeper, I think it's a magical thing to do. Accordingly to Wiki: "The telling of the bees is a traditional European custom in which bees would be told of important events in their keeper's lives, such as births, marriages, or departures and returns in the household. If the custom was omitted or forgotten and the bees were not "put into mourning" then it was believed a penalty would be paid, such as the bees might leave their hive, stop producing honey, or die.[1] The custom has been most widely noted in England but also recorded in Ireland, Wales, Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and the United States"

This is also the perfect moment to release also another pattern I love BEE HAPPY. In this design I rapresented a Melissa, a priestess of the Bees, a Sacred Beekeer :)

2 commenti:

susan hemann ha detto...

love your new patterns and the history around bee keeping

Karen Budnick ha detto...

Lovely pattern and story about the bees. I heard that Diana Gabaldon's new book was going to be titled "Tell the Bees I am Home" and I couldn't understand the idea of talking to bees. Now I "get it" - thanks!