venerdì 22 marzo 2019

Celebration of Needlework - Nashua - NH 29 MAY - JUNE 2, 2019

Celebration of Needlework - Nashua - NH   29 MAY - JUNE 2, 2019

My dear friends, I'm particularly happy to announce that I'll teach my first Class at CELEBRATION! I'm so excited!!! Let me show you my FRAKTUR STITCHING BOX.

The kit include: Handmade and hand painted wooden box, hand painted thread keeper, handmade scissor fob (scissor not included), pattern, finishing instructions, paper for the inside, linen, threads, and batting.

Bring to class: Paper scissors, Linen scissors, extra needles, and Foam Brush. If needed, bring Light and magnification along with normal stitching supplies.

The class is limited to 20 students, hurry up ladies :)
We'll have fun!!!!!!
Model stitched by Elisabetta B. B.

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TheCrankyCrow ha detto...

This is just stunning!!! If I were anywhere near I’d be signed up in a heartbeat!!! LOVE! ~Robin~