sabato 6 luglio 2019


And so it's time to present the patterns I designed inspired by my recent whale watching experience. Haveving the honour to see the humpback in Massachusetts Bay changed something in me... there is something mystical in those creatures.. Something that changed my perspectives, my way to be... It's difficult to explain... I hope my designs will help you to understand what I mean. And I hope you'll love them <3 div="">

MOTHER OF THE OCEAN melts together skies and oceans, and this melting is the main aspect of both my patterns and new fabric. The constellation of the Whale (Cetus) is far far far away from our little planet, but it is also in our oceans... it "swimms" peacefully in the deep blue/black water... and the silence of the deep universe and of the deep oceans is interrupted only by the chant of the whale..

BOSTON LIGHT is the pattern I designed starting from my own picture of the actual Boston Lighthouse. I remember I was on the boat and see this beautiful landscape and asked to the bar attendant: what's the name of that beautiful Lighthouse, and she replied: hun is the BOOOston Light, with that beautiful bostonian accent I adore LOL.

Boston Light has been stitched on OCEAN AND SKIES 30 count linen, by The Primitive Hare. I recreated the fusion between skies and ocean. Initially I wanted to stitch all the ocean and then I thought: wait... Elisabetta B. will kill me LOL... let's paint the ocean on the fabric!!! And so this fabric arrived in this world. 
Each piece is different and there are some blue spots in the skies too. No piece is similar to the other one. They are ALL DIFFERENT.

SELKIE is not brand new because I released her for celebration Market, but it's the queen of my Summer Collection <3 div="">

I hope you'll love my summer collection!.

A special thanks to Elisabetta B., my amazing model stitcher. I want to thank her also because she is very wise and helped me a lot in some very sad moments of my life. She doesn't speak too much, but wisdom doesn't need millions of words...

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