giovedì 24 gennaio 2013


Hello PALS!!! I still have flu and I'm not well at all, but I'm working for you of course.
In december you did a pre-order and paid for the Santa's Thread Keepers. The thread keepers will be shipped in january, I'm still waiting for them from my painter. I know it's a long time, but as you can imagine they are hand painted one by one, and this take a lot of time.

My painter wrote me yesterday telling me she has finished some pieces and she will ship them to me today, so I can suppose I'll be able to ship some pieces to my customers during next week. Do not worry, I'll ship them as soon as they will arrive. To private customers and to shops of course. My great painter will ship some more pieces in a second shipment, so have patience.

Thanks so much for your comprehention.. they had an enormous success and sincerely I did not think to have so many pieces ordered.... So forgive me for the delay.... If you have some more question do not hesitate and send me an email :)
Thanks again!

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cucki ha detto...

Get well soon dear..
Warm hugs from South Africa xxx

Kaisievic ha detto...

I hope that you feel better soon, Isabella.

Hilda ha detto...

Get well soon, my dear friend!


myrica ha detto...

I hope you get well soon
Hugs Ingvor

Fiona ha detto...

Feel better soon.