sabato 3 gennaio 2015


Hello my dear sister stitchers! This is the first post of the year! I hope you had gret celebrations! Soon after Christmas, every year, I celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. The second day of Christmas it's the MOTHER NIGHT. Let me share with you few words by John Matthews book "The Winter Solstice":

"... another older figure was knows throughout Germany is Frau Holle, but a better name for her is MOTHER OF CHRISTMAS. Deriving from the ancient figure of the Mother Goddess, the feminine principle of deity, she was regarded as a bringer of fertility, adudance and justice... she rode though the land during the 12 days dispensing gifts from a sleigh pulled by dogs. The most famous story about Mother Holle is the folk tale collected by the Brother Grimm"

"Holla Holla in the heavens,
a snowy featherbed you're shaking
Bless the arth with your white blanket,
moist the mantle you are making..."

And so, mt first pattern for this 2015, is FRAU HOLLE,
bringer of snow! In Italy we say that 'under snow there is bread'.
I suppose because the gentle balnket of snow allow
earth not to freeze and protect the seeds :)

STITCHED ON 30 ct Old Salem Line
(extra aged on request)
with DMC threads, by my gentle model stitcher
Elisabetta. Thanks sweetheart!
On my ETSY

On my ETSY

9 commenti:

Kate ha detto...

Beautiful design. :)

Kaisievic ha detto...

Another stunning design, Isabella, you are so talented, my dear. When I have some spare cash again I will be straight back to your Etsy shop, I promise.

Hilda ha detto...

Oh what a wonderful new design my dear! I love it - and I think I should get this.
You make so many amazing charts - I will never ever have the time to stitch them all ...


myrica ha detto...

So lovely words of The Mother Of Christmas, I have not read that before.
And the patterns are so nice.

Julies Knit Stitch Corner ha detto...

This is beautiful I find it hard to choose which of your lovely patterns to sew, all of them are nice.
Happy New Year. Julie.C

Ele ha detto...

How sweet!
Ma che carina la tua Frau Holle!
Buon anno

Karen ha detto...

Lovely! Karen in NC

Sandy (miss Potter) ha detto...

Meraviglioso stellina mia, davvero uno spettacolo :-)


Lili ha detto...

Very pretty!! Love the colours!!