mercoledì 7 gennaio 2015


Hello witches! It's the first wednesday after the full moon of january, and it's time to stitch black! I just uploaded the edited file with the january part of our Halloween SAL. Enjoy!!!!

Many thanks to Miss Betty

If you wanna join our SAL you can!
Here you can read the rules and buy
the subscription for one year:

WHERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PATTERN: easy: You have to buy the subscription on Etsy, and there, there is an istant download for the instructions file. In the instructions file it is written in red the link to download the pattern and all the dates of the releases of this SAL. Thanks!
Remember to download and read carefully the instructions file of this sal.
You can find it in your PURCHASES - REVIEWS PAGE on Etsy.
It's very important to read it because in this file there are all the links to download the patterns and the dates of the downloads.

If you have already bought the subscription and you still have to download the instruction file, please visit your Purchases-Reviews page on Etsy and download and read it. Thanks!

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Miamina ha detto...

This is lovely! I'm so tempted to join in this SAL now!

Lili ha detto...

She is amazing!!!Love it!!