lunedì 22 giugno 2015


Hello  Folk! First of all let me wish you: HAPPY SUMMER!!!! The solstice is gone and we are ready for a summer full of xxxxxx and fun :) This  week I have a bunch of new items to present you.... really a lot a lot a lot alot of new stash...
Let's start!

New wonderful scissors created by Simona Bussiglieri and now available by The Primitive Hare shop on etsy. These lovely scissors are available in 4 colors: black - silver - gun metal and primitive finishing.

And now let's talk about these adorable thread keeps. A lot of them are new entries, but a couple of them are old designs that I really love... and so I decided to show them again... I hope you'll love them :)

And a couple of Halloween releases :)

This is only the beginning, tomorrow I'll show you new summer pins, patriotic pins, and silk ribbons (perfect for your finishings) and hand painted thread keeps... and then patterns and so on... Have a good day my friends! Luv u all!

2 commenti:

myrica ha detto...

So many nice thread keeper and scissors, I collect the little scissors, they are so lovely
Have a nice day

Daniela ha detto...

I do love it all, everything is so beatiful and suggestive Isabella, you can always arouse and inspire peaceful and lovely thoughts, thank you !!!
With love