mercoledì 10 giugno 2015


Hello girls... Elisabetta and I are stitching and stitching and stitching...meanwhile we try to finish all my new releases I got the copyrights of two patterns I sold to an editor when I first published a book some years ago.... The book is no longer available and will not be printed again, so I printed my fav patterns from it. One for Halloween and one for Christmas. 

I know a lot of you love The legend of Sleepy Hollow, so I hope you'll love my pattern: ICHABOD CRANE INN.


The second pattern I decided to release again is WINTER LACE, I think this is one of my most primitive pattern... It's so delicate and I really love it. As delicate as a snowfall :))). Both patterns have been stitched by Elisabetta, with grace and love LOL.

Happy Stitching Sisters, have a good day!

3 commenti:

Robin at The Primitive Hutch ha detto...

I love them both!!! So Beautiful!

Archeage Girl ha detto...

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Ele ha detto...

Two lovely charts, well done! :)