martedì 28 novembre 2017


Hello my dear wicked hares :)) My wonderful graphic studio and I worked hardly to get a new fabric ready for Christmas ! This is it!  THE SNOWFALL: CLIK HERE

It's a 30 count, the print is directly IN the fabric and not ON the fabric, in this way the fabric is smoother :)))
It measures approx 38 x 48 cm and all around there is a frame of not printed fabric that you can use to frame or sew your project without 'hiding' the snowflakes. This fabric can be used upside down or in horizontal, it's always perfect! You can also wash it gently with cold water: it will fade a little bit but it will be ok :))) Enjoy!!!!!!

You can order from me using this link THE SNOWFALL: CLIK HERE or placing an order by your LNS (I'd appreciate also this choise, we must support all these little shops!)

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susan hemann ha detto...

lovely fabric!!!