martedì 6 febbraio 2018


Hello my dear friends! As I promised you on FB it's time for my new sal... Thanks so much for your patience... I have bronchitis and I don't feel very well... I'm trying to do everything but taking the time to rest and breathe... And now let's talk about our 2018 EARLY STITCHERS CLUB....
You will have the chance to learn skills, new techniques, old tricks .... get patterns, materials.... become a family.... be part of something cozy and lovely. I want to create a club/family of adventurous stitchers! In the name of stitching! 

For this year the CLUB will give you:

-  membership card (will be shipped end February)
-  5 new designs (medium size, big size, ornament size)
-  special discount of 20 % on your next order (only if placed by email and not on Etsy, specifing the order number of your Etsy order for the annual membership of the club)
-  1 sample of one of the linen by the Primitive Hare (will be shipped in February with the card, it might be a printed linen, Old Salem or a sample from the Rainbow Collection) 
-  1 special hand dyed thread to stitch our logo - pattern (will be shipped in february with the card)
-  the EXTRA pattern that depict our annual membership (will be sent immediately via Etsy message asa you subscribe the Club)

Each design is based on the idea of "prim - witchy - early and victorian". Every pattern will include a full coloured cover, the chart, and some suggestions in order to learn new stitches, new techniques.... tricks, finishings...
For every design will be available a LIMITED quantity of kits. Kits have to be purchased SEPARATELY.

FABRIC USED: Old Salem Linen 30 ct , Boleyn linen 30 ct

The first pattern will be sent with an Etsy message within 24 hours.
The other patterns will be available on APPROXIMATELY:
(I'll try to be on time but the life of a creative person can be chaotic LOL)

April 30th
July 8th
September 30th
December 3rd

Remember to download the patterns and save them on your computer. In the case you’d forget to download the pattern do not hesitate and send me an email or an Etsy message. You’ll NOT receive any advice or email, you just have to go at the indicated links and download the patterns.


This is the first release for this Club:

The kit: (that is not included in the Club fee), include: the metallic golden latch, the fabric to stitch the moth, fabric for the back and for the inside of the bag, silk ribbon (color may vary) and 2 hand dyed threads (the metallic thread is not included because it's extremely cheeper to buy it in the States and it 'd be too expensive to include it in the kit).
Order the kit sending an email at :

The Moth pincushion: this adorable moth pincushion can be ordered separately too (the moth not the pattern). All the moths I did are different in colours and details, you might receive a different one, please consider this, the picture is just approximative.
Order the kit sending an email at :

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Hope you feel better soon. I had that recently,very tiring.