giovedì 6 dicembre 2018

NASHVILLE CLASS 2019: Medieval Aumôniére

NASHVILLE CLASS 2019: for shop owners only
Private customers may order the class by their LNS
European customers may order directly by me:

Medieval lady pouch (Aumôniére) 
based on a 14th century design

Kit does not include threads
A list of threads will be sent previously to customers. Customers need threads for the class.

Class description: Learn about medieval cross stitch tradition stitching a beautiful little bag called Aumôniére. Learn how to decorate with different stitches, learn how to make tassels and how to make cords. Kit does not include threads.
A list of threads will be sent previously to customers 
Kit includes pattern, linen, fabric and photo finishing instructions plus a brief history of these beautiful medieval bags.

Location: Meets on the second floor in the Franklin Room at 3pm on Friday March 1st - Nashville TN - Embassy Suite Hotel by Hilton


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