sabato 12 ottobre 2019


Hello folk!!! My waxers are ready to be shipped. I hope you will love them!!!!

Halloween Thread waxers , handmade:
- I use only my bee wax, that I patiently gather from my 2 beehives during spring and summer, for this reason they are very limited. 

- Each waxer is different in color and shades. Some are more yellow of others.

- it takes me days to purify the wax, and it’s all handmade, I don’t buy wax... my wax comes directly from the hives

I keep bees to help Mother Nature, I don’t sell honey because I use it to feed my own bees. The only thing I sell is beeswax because having bees is crazy expensive... Incomes from these transactions will be spent for bees.

NO BEES HAVE BEEN HARMED DURING THE WAX GATHERING. The beekeeper has been harmed a lot 😂😂😂 by boiling wax

2 commenti:

Laurie ha detto...

Beautiful wax creations, we have bees wax from a family member and it is truly liquid gold!

Purple Pixie Dust ha detto...

Thanks for saving the bees. Love your wax creations. big hugs Lynda Ruth