domenica 24 novembre 2019


Hello my dear Wicked Hares! I'm a lil bit late with my Christmas releases, but I'm glad that it's still November lol!!! I had a very intense month and I really have to thank my model Elisabetta B. for stitching these patterns super fast and also my finisher Paola for helping me with her immense, huge collection of ribbons lol ! Thanks girls! But now!!!
Let's talk about the patterns:

available on my Etsy: CLIIIK
includes 3 ornaments, and the rusty bells pack can be ordered separately. The idea comes from my dog lol: oh santa please: it wasn't me!!!, this is what I'm sure that Kiran would say!!. If you look at the picture you'll see that the is a missing piece of cupcake!!! LOL

available on my Etsy: CLIIIK
This pattern is inspired by my pets too... I have no children and I use to say that they are MY babies. I can imagine Santa cuddling them on Christmas Eve, meanwhile I'm sleeping and they are around the tree playing and waiting for Santa. I'm sure they can see him!!!! 

this year I released 3 new Christmas thread keeps:

Christmas Bakery: CLIIIK

Olde Nick: CLIIIK

Red Santa Claus: CLIIIK

I hope you'll love them all! I had so many ideas but... time is what it is... and I always run out of it!
Love you all!!!

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